About Us

Mangobox is a commercial studio based out of Indiranagar, Bangalore. It is a 1000 sq ft studio right in the heart of the city with all the bells and whistles to create marvellous visual content. Mangobox studio was born in 2022 after getting DreamTales Studio’s commercial counterpart rebranded into its name. The brainchild of Mangobox is – Shivadeep (founder & photographer) and Nikitha (creative director). MBS is trying to make its name among the top commercial photographers. Overall, MBS has over 8+ years of experience in product photography. It has shot for many big brands such as CKC, Shankara, Rapawalk, Jaypore, Deepam silks, etc.

Though, we work with many talents in the industry such as makeup artists, stylists, art director, cinematographers, the core pillar is our lead photographer, Shivadeep. We aim to deliver the best-in-class product photography and video production to assist brands to reach its target audience and marketing goals.

While brands are competing to establish the best connect and sales with their customers, MBS is helping some of them create their brand image the right way.

Who started it all

Shivadeep (Managing director and photographer) is an eccentric guy who is constantly absorbing new learnings, loves meeting people and creating stuff. Being an IIM graduate, he has an entrepreneurial mind. However, his passion is driven by his love for photography. Shivadeep prefers to be called Sid (nickname). Sid is amongst those people who needs caffeine in his blood all the time, wants 30hrs a day and loves organised life. Bossy most of the time but has an open heart to teach anyone who seeks his wisdom.

While he is away from his work, he likes gaming, adventure and travelling. He also has a rather unusual talent to be able to sleep anywhere anytime ‘literally’!

Shivadeep Baruah

Managing Director & Photographer